Pre-Production TRAILER

BLACK NAZI tells the story of congolese Sikumoya, who prepares for his citizenship test. Under the increasing pressure of racism and prejudice, he responds by modelling himself on supposedly typical German culture. Until enough is enough and he cracks.

In a coma, a transformation befalls him. Sikumoya is now “the most German of all Germans”. He simply overtakes the Neonazis from the right and starts to challenge their absurd ideology…

The project was being filmed in July/August 2014. The brothers Tilman and Karl-Friedrich Koenig are the authors and directors. The spark that brought forth their idea was Kalemba M., a friend of the king brothers. A great team of film-professionals have been supporting the project. Currently we’re in post-production.

The film is produced by 2KoenigeGbR, the filmgroup Cinemabstruso with support by Cineart e.V.

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