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A delicious thank you!

An empty stomach doesn’t let you think or work, this is why a functional and varied catering is so essential on set. Our catering-team was very hardworking, putting together all those sandwiches and wielding the cooking spoon and spoiled us with treats. This doesn’t only apply to our team, but of course to our cast and main actors, as well as our many extras. Now that we’re finished with shooting, it’s time to say thank you to our sponsors.

  • Dein Deli – vegane Köstlichkeiten in der Wolfgang Heinze Straße 12a
  • Bäckerei und Konditorei Göbecke in der Hans-Poeche-Straße 13
  • Vleischerei – vegan/vegetarisches Bistro in der Zschocherschen Straße 23
  • Maza Pita – orientalisches Restaurant in der Könneritzstraße 49
  • Kolle-Mate und Lipz Schorle
  • IM ANGEBOT in der Lütznerstraße 70
  • Leipziger Tafel e.V. in der Jordanstraße 5a

And a big delicious thank you to our catering team – Lars, Christoph, Felix, Benjamin, Juliane, Kim, Jacqueline, Jonas and everyone else who helped to make sandwiches, cutting veggies and stirring those spreads!

20th day of shooting

photos: Benjamin Spindler

18th day of shooting

photos: Benjamin Spindler

17th day of shooting

photos: Benjamin Spindler

16th day of shooting

photos: Marco Schur