Crowdfunding Party BLACK NAZI


Our crowdfunding campaign for the feature film “BLACK NAZI – A Film Grotesque” will start on the 3rd February. on visionbakery. For small and big rewards, such as DVD’s, tickets to the film premiere or your name in the credits you can co-finance our movie and even be part of it!

The starting signal for the campaign is our offline-crowdfunding-party at  “Neuen Schauspiel” in Leipzig West. The trailer for our film that has been shot in summer will then be presented for the first time! And there is more: There will be a live-casting by the extra agency Halle-Leipzig and you’ll see the making-off to our trailer. Tilman and Karl-Friedrich will present the project, together with the producer and cooperation partners. As a special highlight you’ll have the opportunity to vote for the name that the Nazi-dog in our movie is going to carry!

So you can see – everything is transparent, open source and interactive!!! Patrick Teichert and Lars Tuncay will pose as host. Live-music and disco!

3rd February 2014 at 8pm in Neuen Schauspiel!二次会 景品セット 【バリュー景品50000円30点セット】二次会 景品セット、ビンゴ 景品、イベント 景品と使い方は自由!!即日発送可能!人気の景品セット【あす楽対応】即納
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【中古】迅速発送+送料無料+動作保証!! SONY ソニー EV-S2200 ビデオカセットレコーダー(Hi8/Video8デッキ)【@YA管理1-53-800381】
ダイヤル錠 金メッキ 【QP2-017】 【120点】koyama『FS』
三井式温熱治療器3[ 温熱療法 / 三井温熱 / 遠赤外線治療器 / ホットパック / 三井温熱治療器 / 三井式 温熱治療器 温熱器 / 三井式温熱治療器 ]【pon-10%】【コンビニ受取可】
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